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Is there a link between sustainability and finance and how is this link being evaluated?

Circular Economy

“Dealing with loops”


The circular concept emerges from the understanding and analysis of earth’s biological systems. In terms of biomimicry, the ecological processes of natural ecosystems are the “primers” of conceiving the idea. Based on the ecosphere functions, the dynamic model is evolving. (…)



Digital Ecosystem for Smart Cities & rural communities

Taking into consideration the massive quantities of data (estimated per day: 2,500 Petabytes) and the sustainability issues we have to deal with (…)

Sustainable banking and investments

Banks and businesses that base their actions first and foremost on the needs of people and the environment achieve better financial returns.

The sustainability strategy provides competitive edge, unleash innovation and delivering product efficiency. Hence, the steady growth and profitability have proved resilient (…)

Financial technology and circular economy

Fintech Companies

Using intelligent currency routing, distributed ledger technology, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies to reduce inefficiencies (…)

Blockchain technology



How does it work?

How does it stay relatively hack-proof? (…)





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